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IMPORTANT: Read all Instructions Carefully Before Applying.
Clean hands thoroughly to prevent any dirt / oils from adhering to the surface of the decoration. Also clean the area where design will be applied thoroughly with window cleaner and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth / kitchen roll.
Only apply to a smooth, flat surface, the decals will not adhere to curved surfaces.

 NB. Do not allow the backing paper that is against the decal to get wet as you will not be able to remove the decoration from it.

1.  Spray the cleaned glass area generously with water or glass cleaner before applying decoration. A substantial amount of moisture is required between the decal and surface to give an even appearance once fully dried. Never install on a dry surface.

2.  With dry hands, peel the decoration from the backing paper.

3.  Place the shiny side of the decoration (the side that was on the backing sheet) against the wet surface and then position it by sliding and moving into the desired location. It will not adhere on etched side.

4.  Using a rubber-tipped squeegee, kitchen roll or cloth, work from the centre of the design outward and squeegee out the excess air and moisture. Some excess will dry overnight so do not be over concerned if some moisture is left.

5.  Wipe the surface and surrounding area dry with kitchen roll or a lint-free cloth.

6.   If any tiny bubbles appear between the decal and the surface, remove and repeat making sure that you "generously" wet the surface.

7.  Windows can be cleaned as normal over the decal but we recommend that you do not use cleaners that contain Ammonia as they may damage the decoration.

PLASTIC WINDOWS: Interior application is recommended. Please check with the window manufacturer before applying window cleaner to any plastic surface. If window cleaner cannot be used, a very light soapy water solution is recommended for application and installation.
FROSTED WINDOWS: The decals will not adhere correctly to frosted glass, the surface must be smooth.

TINTED WINDOWS: Your decoration may give a more desirable appearance on the exterior surface, especially if the tint is dark. This has no adverse effect on your decoration.

GENERAL INFORMATION:  If at any time bubbles occur, simply peel back the area affected and re-apply. Once again really wet the glass before you squeegee. If you come across a stubborn edge that won't lay flat, just spray more liquid under the area of the decal and use a hair dryer on a low warm setting and squeegee again. This also helps to reapply designs that have been stored for any length of time.

These instructions are for guidance only and Vinyl Window Decorations accept no responsibility for any damage, howsoever caused.


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